Mallu weds Marwari

I am a Malayalee and V is a Marwari. We come from two very different parts of India, have our own rituals, customs and language. Malayalees or Mallus hail from the South of India, from a rain-fed green state named Kerala. Marwaris or Maadus hail from the North of India, from a sun-fed dry and colorful state named Rajasthan.


Mallu’s wear off white and gold for the wedding. Maadu’s wear red and gold.
Mallu weddings last for five minutes. Maadu weddings last for days.
Mallu grooms come walking in. Maadu grooms come on horseback.
Mallu brides wear jasmine flowers on their hair. Maadu brides sometimes even cover their face.
Mallu food is vegetarian. Maadu food is vegetarian. (At last a similarity!)


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