Tips # Su

1. Wedding Saree: Color, Kind etc etc – chocolate brown, that rich, dark, creamy shade in a fabric that is just as sensual. Say a thin satin, and get it lined with a contrast material like velvet or even lace. just a thin piping kind of thing. I’m still a sucker for the purity and simplicity of cotton. pair it with rich jewels and it should be wedding-able.

2. Jewelry: After I blew up my life savings on genuine rubies and pearls and whatnot, I realised the costume jewelry my pal wore for her wedding was waaaaay better. But this depends on whether your folks, and vinit agree to it. A lot of times, they feel real gold and real gems are a good omen 🙂
My personal suggestion? Stick to one kind. Pearls means, just a simple string of ’em. Or (wishful thinking) a string of diamonds. someone I knew actually did this, and it looked so good. Just stones strung together, very casually. If you’re going for the cotton option in #1, try temple jewelery.

3. Sangeet outfit –
– Dunno much bout the sangeet, but I think it’ll be fun if you could co-ordinate shades with you and the guests (your gal pals to be precise) – i think a sari will be more charming and feminine than a salwar-kameez or a ghagra-choli.

4. Mehendi outfit – Please wear a sleeveless here, even if it means you gymming 2 hours a day from now till then. And again, a sari 🙂

5. Wardrobe planning – what to buy/carry along, how many pieces of what kind of clothes etc. – Buy a big bag to carry all your stuff in – to the wedding venue and back.
– You get these underarm pad things to soak up sweat, so buy those too, very imp when you wear silks etc.
– for London – Buy/ carry along stuff you wouldn’t gt there. bata chappals, duppatas, salwars, saris. The rest you’ll get there.

6. There’s this new website launched by a friend’s friend, check that

7. Another friend put together this website which has loads of things to help you through –


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