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“I agree entirely about shopping in Delhi; if you’re willing to go a little further, Jaipur of course has stunning choices for clothes/jewelery.
A style I recently saw someone wear for an event where the theme was india-inspired – could work for a reception sari – is a fan-pleated sari. Done in georgette, the pleats are pre-stitched in the slightly bharatnatyam sari style? tarun tahiliani made this one for the girl I’m talking about in a plain deep red with an embellished blouse – it looks really interesting, the style of pleats…
sabyasachi is definitely lovely – though his saris are very definitively ‘him’…
another option for a reception – a plain-ish silk lehenga in purple with a long brocade sherwani-style jacket on top…buttoned till the waist and then open…looks stunning.
suggestion on something to carry to london – dual-sided jacket/coats (a Delhi based designer Hemant Kaushik does them; but virtually anyone can make these). I travelled with someone once who had 2 or 3 of these. essentially they’re reversible knee length sherwani-style jackets; one side was a slightly embellished brocade type fabric, the other side was a plain solid colour one, in neutrals like beige/black/brown/grey…wear with narrow pants, the plain side for day; switch and you have a dressy ‘indian’ style outfit for evening. They’re genius.
jewellery – i’d definitely go with costume, for all manner of reasons. And you get stunning options, from amrapali to other less-known but equally striking designers…”

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  1. namita

    Also famous in Jaipur are the Surana jewellers…one of the oldest jewellers there that make Jadau jewellery…they have some exquisite designs…..that go from light to really heavy…..if u get a chance u must visit them……
    If not…u should visit Jaipur Gems in bombay…hughes road….
    they have a similar style to Surana….& a lot of different kinds of jewellery…jadau….diamond…rubies etc…

    May 6, 2009 at 6:52 PM