Tips # Lax

1. Opening a gift registry

2. You could focus on making one big difference in your wedding – like not using plastic or requesting your guests to avoid gift wrap etc that’d save paper.

3. Going simple and impactive on the decoration.

4. “Venkatagiri” sarees

5. Invest in a few signature jewelry pieces – like faceted precious stone beads with unique pendants. Avoid the cookie cutter stuff. Checkout for some interesting and contemporary south-western style designs in sterling and semi-precious stones.

6. Fragrance and makeup needs to be soft and alluring – invest in a waterproof mascara and gel eyeliner to avoid raccoon eyes. is a beauty junkie’s Mecca and is a very well put together website that allows  you to browse what you like and read customer reviews.

7. Don’t skimp on lipstick and blush –  Mascaras are all the same ingredients mostly whether you pay $5 or $50. Diorshow and Maybelline are the best sellers here. The former sells for $50 something and the latter for $5.

8. is the makeup brand I passionately endorse. They have the world’s best eyeshadows. Check out the BUXOM line of glosses.

9. has millions of honest reviews on all makeup products imaginable. You could check out how they rate once you shortlist you items.

10.  Get your mani/pedi in a neutral shade – preferably a French manicure that would go well with all your outfits during the ceremony.

11.  Make a list of invitees ahead of time.

12. for good bridal lingerie – any lingerie for that matter!

13.  Make as many memories as you can of the last of the single days you have left.

14.  DON’T go on crash diets to lose weight. Consult a doc/gynac and come up with a sensible diet and exercise regime if you wish to tone up or something.

15.   DO make a list of all the things that you’d like to do before  you get hitched. If you wanted to take a trip to a particular destination all alone – do it!

16.   Make plans on how long you want your hair to be for your wedding date. Make your hair appointments accordingly.

17.   OJON is a haircare brand that produces a great line of hair products form shampoos to hair treatments to styling products. All ingredients are naturally derived and make a hell-o-ve lot of difference to the health of the hair.

18.   USE – a sunscreen religiously on your face and lips – if you are not doing it already! – beautiful skin is the best makeup.

19.   Plan for a great bachelorette party.

20.  Check out body care products. Dove and St.Ives produce luscious body scrubs, washes and lotions.

21. for a range of body care and refreshing fragrances like verbena. The line uses shea butter and has the best lotions ever. Sephora carries this line.


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