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Silk Sari Care


Some tips to take care of your silk sarees to make them long-lasting and looking as elegant and glamorous as a new one.


1.For the first wash, soak the saree in salt water and then rinse well in cold water.
2.For sarees, wash the border, pallu and body separately in the
3.After two or three plain water washes, use good quality detergent
soap and clean quickly.
4.While pressing, use medum iron only.
5.In case of stains, wash with cold water immediately.
6.Store silk saree away from sunlight and wrap in a muslin cloth.
7.Unfold silk sarees and change the folding every three months in order to avoid zari breakage.


1.Do not use soap for the first 3 washes. Use only plain water.
2.Never beat the garment while washing.
3.Do not brush or lash a silk saree. This might tear the zari
4.Do not bundle the saree and keep wet for a long time.
5.Do not hang silk sarees.

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How to wear a Sari?



Few tips on wearing a Saree (Sari):

* Slim women should wear Cotton Sari, Tissue Sari, Tapeta Silk Sari, Tussar silk Sari, so that they may look beautiful, attractive and Healthy.

* Healthy women should wear Georgette Sari, Chignon Sari, Maysoor silk Sari, or Chiffon Sari so that they may look beautiful, attractive and slim.

* Shorter women should wear the Sari with small borders or no borders and in dressed position the lining on Sari, if so, should appear horizontal to the earth so that they may look beautiful, attractive and tall.

* Longer women should wear the Sari with big borders and in dressed position the lining, if so, on Sari should appear parallel to the earth so that they may look beautiful and attractive.

* Fair complexion women should wear dark color Sari so that they may look beautiful, attractive.

* Dark complexion women should wear light color Sari so that they may look beautiful, attractive.

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Bollywood Bridals on Polyvore

polyvore bride

Bridal Moodboards on Polyvore.

Vimor, Bangalore


I’ve been here once, with my mother. It’s in a tiny home, full of cupboards and stairs. And enough mirrors and light to admire the beautiful sarees. Chinny Nanjappa stores treasures that she handpicks or creates while working with weavers across South India. I’m thinking of a red kanjeevaram for the wedding. Maybe.


Julie Kagti, Sarees

I love Julie Kagti’s work. It’s lovely, the textures and colours and the raw appeal it has.


Wedding Moodboard # Vrindavan

The wedding venue is Iskcon and Vrindavan sort of just fit in beautifully. Love the colors Radha wears. The decor could also try and recreate Vrindavan in an indoor setting. Simple, elegant and romantic is what I had in mind. How about putting petals in large rolled up badam leaves and handing it to people to give aashirwaad.





Tip # Anj

Anj says

“One of these two events (Sangeet or Mehendi), you should wear a salwar kameez and one of them a nice ghagra choli types. Just to add variety to the ensemble! But if you get it nicely designed, then you can use the top with western outfits as well which will be of much more use to you in London. For mehendi, a nice deep bottle green? Reception, raani pink!! Am sure it will really suit you.”