Wedding Story

This was done for a baby shower by celebrity wedding planner, Mindy Weiss. Love the suspended feel, like a Magritte painting. Could easily work for a pre-wedding party.

by Mindy Weiss

More on her website.


Wedding Photographer > Ankit Singh

My dear friend Ankit Singh’s work. I’ve picked some of my favourites here. There are many more on his website.

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

I love wedding photo booths. It’s a great way to frame a lovely picture as well as make it all look part of a theme. And it’s fun. Here are some fun DIY booths you can do up for your wedding, engagement party, hen do or bachelors.





Sage and Pink

Love the colours.


Wedding Installations

Naked bulbs are as captivating as lamps. Falling gardens are as captivating as live ones. Love these installations. In fact, many artist installations work really well to build a wedding scene since they’re created to bring drama to a space.

Sturtevant, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, AMERICA AMERICA, 2004. Light bulbs, rubber light sockets and cords


Falling Garden


Elegant Affairs

Found some pretty wedding decor by Elegant Affair.

Neon Inspired Theme

Would look great at an engagement, wedding or hen do. So much colour and drama with the simple use of washi tape. Just stick it on doors or fabric or glasses and peel off when done.